Tevo Little Monster

2019-01-26 I began unboxing and assembly today.

You have to remove the heating element and the glass plate before you begin. You can place it back into the shipping container underneath the top-level foam cover from whence it came.


The heating pad and heat sensor wiring.


I had to adjust the elliptical nuts on the slider to get a smooth but tight fit so that they move freely in gravity.


I have to stop here for now.




I was able to make a bit more progress today. The assembly instructions are much lacking and I had to remove the sliders several times to get the belt properly aligned. The heating plate and base plate shipped with one M5x20mm missing screw.


I am pretty much finished building the Tevo LM but calibration is failing slamming the print head into the printer bed.

I have opened a support ticket. There is also a video attached to this page showing the problem.Update I was able to get it working. I am not quite certain what I did to fix it but I reseated the connectors on the logic board and tightened all the belts in the columns. I am not sure which one helped.


Notice te insulation isn't going into the connector leaving exposed wires to break or be damaged. Poor Quality Control.



I am having problems running filament through extruder. I have been working on this for a couple days.



I was able toi resolve the issue with feeding filament through.