Survival Technology List

Technical Preparation Supplies Rev 20071104

(1) High Wattage AC-powered gun-style soldering iron
(2) Low Wattage AC-powered pencil-style soldering iron
(500) each assorted crimp-on connectors (butt connectors, round-eye connectors, open-spade connectors
(2) Crimping/Stripping Tool
(4) rolls silver-lead solder
(4) tins of soldering paste (electronic kind not the plumber’s type)
(200 feet) 10 ga wire
(200 feet) 6 ga wire
(500 feet) 12 ga wire
(200 feet) 18 ga wire
(50) each assorted buss-type slo-blow fuses (common sizes)
(50) each assorted automotive-type fuses (common sizes)
(40 feet) each assorted sizes shrink-wrap
(800) each assorted sizes tie-wraps
(10) 50 foot rolls of copper wire (various gauges) (useful for wrapping your own coils, repairing armatures, etc)
(8) rolls black electrical tape
(8) rolls red electrical tape
(500 feet) cat-5e cable
(100) each RJ45 connectors
(100) each RJ11 connectors
(2) each RJ45 crimping tool
(2) each RJ11 crimping tool
(2) each 1000 watt inverters
(12) each 12vdc deep-cycle batteries or (24) each 6vdc deep-cycle batteries
(200 feet) assorted wire-wrap wire
(2) wire-wrap tools
(200 feet) RG11 COAX cable
(200 feet) RG213 COAX cable
(200 feet) RG6 COAX cable
(200 feet) RG58 COAX cable
(200 feet) RG59 COAX cable
(500 feet) telephone wire (6 pair)
(50) male and female BNC connectors
(50) male and female PL259 connectors
(10) PL259-BNC adapters (male PL259-female BNC)
(50) male and female RG59 “F” connectors
(50) male and female TNC connectors
(50) male and female “N” connectors
(10) 100 foot 20A extension cords (outdoor, good quality, thick insulation)
(2) high quality DVM (Fluke, Beckmann, etc)
(5) sets extra leads (positive and negative) for DVM’s
(50) bananna plugs
(50) alligator clips
(50) each male and female Andersen power-pole connectors (various sizes in M/F sets)
(2) each crimping tool for Andersen inserts
(100) foot high-quality welding cable (useful for battery cables)
(50) each heavy-duty terminal lugs (for attaching to high current DC cables)
(2) each heavy-duty crimping tools for heavy-gauge cables (the kind you use a hammer on)
(50) each battery connectors (standard automotive type)
(100) each diodes, low power (useful to repair solar panels, etc…)
(20) each power transistors (various ratings, useful for building power supplies, repairing alternators, etc…)
(20) each high-current rectifier diodes, various configurations…
(100) each Zener Diodes, various voltages and current ratings
(100) each resistors in various, common values
(100) each capacitors in various, common values
(100) each common TTL integrated circuits (DIP)
(100) each regulators common configurations (DIP)
(100) each common transistors both NPN and PNP (with sockets)
(50) each DIP sockets (wire-wrap) common configuration
(2) breadboards, prototyping with power supplies
(2) Variac auto-transformers (AC)
(2) RF Wattmeters (1 low power, 1 high power)
(6) ground rods (pound-into ground variety)
(200 feet) copper or steel braided strap
(1) 2kw inverter (industrial size, i.e. Tripplite, for power tools)
(20) each “cigarette lighter” plugs/sockets
(100) red leds w/sockets
(100) white leds w/sockets
(100) blue leds w/sockets
(10) feet aluminum stock (large) for heat sinks
(20) each switches (toggle) heavy-duty chassis-mount
(20) fuse holders (chassis-mount and inline)
(20) each variable potentiometers (various values, chassis-mount)
(20) each transformers (common step-up and step-down configurations)
(10) each male/female sets of AC power connectors (standard household style w/ground plug)
(50) each high power diodes (repair wind generators, alternators, etc..) w/sockets
(20) each AC relays (high current, various contact configurations, i.e. NO/NC) w/sockets
(20) each DC relays (high current, various contact configurations, i.e. NO/NC) w/sockets
(20) each high current SCRs w/sockets (various styles otherwise mount directly to heat sinks)
(10) large sheets “perf-boards”
(10) cans spray “contact cleaner”
(50) sheets emery cloth
(10) each small wire brush w/handles
(50) each fusible links (various styles and values)
(100) each molex connectors and pins, various styles both male and female
(5) each carbon microphone elements (old)
(5) each small 4” speakers 16 ohms impedance
(5) each 12vdc muffin fans
(2) each lineman’s butt set
(10) each neon pilot lights (12vdc)
(10) each neon pilot lights (110vac)
(2) each handheld logic probe
(1) portable Oscilloscope (100mhz) (AC/DC power)
(5) DC voltage panel meters (various ranges)
(5) AC voltage panel meters (various ranges)
(5) DC current panel meters (various ranges)
(5) DC current shunts (various amperage)
(50) each RCA phono plugs (male/female sets, both chassis-mount female and stand-alone)
(50) each phone plugs (male/female sets, both chassis-mount female and stand-alone)
(10) mini-din connector sets (male/female sets both chassis-mount and stand-alone)
(2) de-soldering bulbs/vacuum de-soldering tool…
(4) rolls solder wick
(2) clamp-on multi-meters (high current dc/ac)
(50 feet) each multi-conductor ribbon cable (various sizes)
(20) each crimp-on ribbon cable connectors (various sizes) male and female, surface mount and stand-alone.
(20) each terminal strips, various configurations/sizes…
(2) charge controllers (solar/wind) various ratings
(20) circuit breakers (chassis-mount and gang-type) various ratings
(10) sets of brushes (for generators, electric motors, etc)
(10) each electrolytic capacitors (various ratings, AC for start capacitors on electric motors)
(20) ferrite toroids (to wrap with copper windings to make chokes, coils, various sizes, etc)
(40) each MOV, various ratings
(5) DB25-RJ45 male kits
(5) DB25-RJ45 female kits
(5) DB9-RJ45 male kits
(5) DB9-RJ45 female kits
(30 feet) heating tape (resistive wire) DC or AC (maybe both)
(1) heat gun (to de-solder components from circuit boards in scrap electronics)
(200) wire nuts (various sizes)
(50) 12vdc incandescent light bulbs (like the kind in RV/motorhome interior lights, and try to get sockets for them as well. White LED lights are more energy efficient but these come in handy.)

Books/Reference Materials
ARRL Handbooks (earliest years as possible)
Schematics (at least for popular radios, power supplies, appliances, vehicle ignition systems, etc)

NOTE: This list of parts and tools is predicated on being able to salvage a lot of other components and resources from a post-apocalyptic situation. It also precludes an EMP event as very little modern technology will be salvageable unless protected.