Cool Stuff For Sale

Please visit my new store: Hardware for Hackers! The below items are just a few things I have available.

Hopefully you will find something you need. The new store is based on Shopify platform so it won't be lame and the shipping should be more flexible. Thanks for looking!//

NOTE: . I have begun offering a great deal of Creality 3D replacement parts I have decided to become a small retail vendor during my continued medical issues. We seem to have more Creality 3D parts in stock than anyone else!

NOTE: The prices have been raised a lot due to the horrendous cost of shipping from China and if you don't believe that get on AliExpress and buy something with some weight that is not shipped using the cheapest method (30-50 business days.) Updated: Now that HK has lost the trade exemption, I am paying import duties. I would really like to know how me having to pay A LOT more because of these tariffs hurts China? It looks like it only hurts me.

I am going to start listing things here since I don't seem to have many visitors. I hope to do this merely by posting links to products I am highlighting.

Miniature Slip Rings These things rock! 360-degrees of Freedom with power, data, signals! I could be the only one in North America with these available for sale. If you are serious about automation and articulated movement what could be better than this slip ring? If you use a slip ring in your design you can handle all your power and signal / data acquisition needs (12-Channels!) using a slip ring like this to achieve 360-degree movement.


While allowing power, data, signals to the and from the part of your design that needs to move in an amazing 360-degree freedom? That is a real design. I can get larger versions (much more expensive) if you want to handle higher current. Please see my product listing for 12-Channel Miniature Slip Ring for Robotics and many other application ideas.

Harris 8-bit Microprocessor CDP1802ACE H9640


I have a small quantity of these CPU chips for sale. I bought a lot about 2-years ago before I got sick. At the time I was obsessed with the 1802, taught myself 1802-Assembler built a bunch of Membership Cards, obtained a great 1802 Trainer and so on and so forth. Anyway I have a few dozen of these CPU in the store they are NEW, SEALED in tube as I purchased them. See Harris 8-bit Microprocessor CDP1802ACE H9640 I can actually test them, I have an 1802 Tester! If you want yours tested before I ship it, let me know.

BIG Alligator Battery Clamp to Anderson Power Pole 50A Connector Cables

These are great for Field Day, great for emergency power (keep that UPS alive!), off-grid use, you name it wherever you need power right now. These cables are well made.


If you are the sort of person that likes to be prepared, these Battery Clamp to Anderson Power Pole - 50A Cables are something you should keep around.

Anderson Power Pole to Ring Terminals

These seem to be a favorite nowadays. I can see how they'd be very useful. People are buying this product much more so than the battery clamp pigtail. I guess not many have to improvise power. I do think the battery clamp version is a critical tool if you ever think you might need to improvise power quickly and safely. So enough about the previous product, the ring terminal version allows you to easily and safely attach loads up to 50A.


I am sure you can think of many uses for it. Here is the link where you can buy one for yourself! Please see Anderson Power Pole 50A Connector to Ring Terminals 8AWG 30CM Cable

2-Pieces Red and Black Shrink Tubing 8mm 2:1 (shrink to 4mm) 2-meters


I stock the larger sized (8mm) shrink wrap (see Red and Black Shrink Tubing 8mm 2:1 (shrink to 4mm) 2-meters) because often you can get small shrink-wrap anywhere but if you are building high current stuff with larger cables you sometimes have problems locating the larger sized.

XT60 XT-60 Male and Female Pair (1-Set) 12AWG Cables Pigtail

XT-60-Pair-01.jpg XT-60-Pair-02.jpg

Everyone knows the ubiquitous XT-60 connector, here is a male and female pair for all your power connections including Creality 3D 24V connections. Check out XT60 XT-60 Male and Female Pair (1-Set) 12AWG Cables Pigtai These cables would be a great way to add The XT-60 Fuse(TM) into your project.

Hardware for Hackers is very excited to introduce two new products that are very useful in off-grid, improvised power, power distribution applications. Both products allow you to protect your equipment by adding an in-line 50A fuse. As always both products are certified under ISO9001/CE/ROHSSGS (our manufacurer is most excellent!)

The first product has a 50A Anderson Power Pole connector to 50A inline fuse to heavy duty ring terminals. The second product has 50A Anderson Power Pole connectors with an inline 50A fuse in between.


For both products the fuse holder is for automotive blade-type fuses and we even include a 50A fuse! For expediency we chose automotive-style blade fuse holders which may be a lot easier to find in many cases. You never know when you might have to improvise power. If you don't actually require 50A current you can downgrade the fuse to something more in line with your lower power intended application.


Both products are both made from 8-AWG high quality cables with professional manufacturing processes that are certified under ISO9001/CE/ROHSSGS.

The XT-60 Fuse(TM)


This is a great product to protect an XT-60 power source. We ship it with a 20A fuse but you can use up to 30A maximum. We use an automotive blade-type fuse so it's easy to locate and replace if needed. You can purchase The XT-60 Fuse (TM) Inline XT-60 Fuse 30A max (20A Fuse Included) at Hardware for Hackers!