Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are an expedient storage solution and are perfect if you are homesteading or need to store things safely and securely in your retreat location. Unfortunately a lot of tricksters and thieves are in the shipping container business now and you need to pay attention to the base charge of the container plus any fees they add on.

Try to find someone who will include the delivery charge in the base price. Like everything else get a full quote and make sure you know what you are getting into.


Like everything else since 2006 they have shot up in price and getting a container will cost you about US $4k for a 20-foot container. They have introduced various grades of "good condition" as an additional insult so expect to pay more than US $4K for a 20-foot container in good condition without a lot of dents.

Here is an example of the "grade rip off"

20' Standard Containers:
- One-Trip - $4,700+tax
- Grade A+ - $3,900+tax
- Grade A - $3,750+tax
- Grade B - $3,600+tax
- Grade C - $3,450+tax

Expect to pay a lot for "modifications" above the base rip-off prices.

I don't know about you but very tired of the so-called business ethics today. As you might guess I was not very happy with my purchase or the condition of the container when I received it. I won't name them but I will never do business with them again.