Monolith 2015 02


I finally got around to obtaining accurate AC current use for 55 cpus. When compute nodes are busy (cpu utilization about 100%) it's using between 6.5-7.0A (AC-side)

In October 2014 I received a $400 electric bill (normally about $100 per month) due to the Monolith.

I have ordered 11-more CPU so I can complete this project. It will be interesting to see all 66 nodes in action, that should really consume a great deal of power.

I can't do much more than look at it however unless I want huge electric bills. When 55 nodes are idle the current draw is still over 3.5A. That isn't bad of course unless you leave it running 24-7.

I suppose I could build an off-grid power system just for this system but to be honest I don't really want to nor can I really afford to.