Logitech Squeezebox

Replacing the battery in the Logitech Squeezebox

The battery type was CR2032 in mine. I know they work perfectly at least.

  1. Place the remote button on your palm (left palm is right handed, right palm if left handed)
  2. With your other hand place it on the remote so the base of your fingers are sitting in the grove on the remote
  3. Press your hands together and slid the hand the is on the smooth side towards you.

You may have to press hard the first few times until it loosens up. Also it will fall out so be careful since when you turn it over you see the battery compartment. Negative goes up when you put the battery back in. So writing on battery goes down.


Replacing your Logitech Squeezebox with an iPod Touch or iPhone is easy. Just install squeezecast on your iphone or ipod. It's easy to configure and you can stream all your music to the ipod/iphone without ever really having to copy the music there. If it's docked into something amplified then it's pretty great as a player.