Geekcreit® XH-M229 Power Supply Module ATX PCB
Geekcreit® XH-M229 Power Supply Module ATX PCB (use spare ATX supply as benchtop supply)

This is a really useful lab addition in that you get to re-purpose old ATX supplies from computers you scrap but also provides access to a wide-range of voltages commonly in use. You have access to -12V +12V +5V +3.3V NOTE: The -5V supply is not avaiable. A you can see from the image above these power supply outputs have individual fuses which protects that single output.

I would have rather seen automotive blade fuses but now you will finally have a place to use your supply of mini-fuses. It comes with 20A fuses installed which are not the best choice. The fuses need to be matched to the rated output to be safer.

The other issue that is not obvious until you hold one of these in your hands it that the posts are not for banana plugs! Nor do the posts have holes in the posts to insert wires. You are much safer using spade lug terminals and fabricate your own cables.

If your power supply does not turn on, minimum loads are sometimes necessary. Some ATX power supplies only power up voltages when the +5.0 Vdc or +3.3 Vdc power supplies are loaded. current. You can connect a resistor of 10 Ω and 5 W between the +5.0 V output and the ground to activate the unit.

This power module is popular, there are a few designs on Thingiverse that add protective cases, and mountings for the XH-M229.

ATX PSU 24pin Bench / Lab Breakout board housing, XH-M229 ATX Breakout Board, Customizable ATX power supply mount for Breakout Adapter XH-M229, XH-M229 PCB mount plate, Boitier pour platine ATX (HX-M229) Box for ATX Power Supply by NeotechT, ATX power supply breakout box just to identify a few.

NOTE: Nowadays Thingiverse is almost unusable. There are all these errors since they destroyed the site during the last upgrade. Good Luck trying to get anything from Thingiverse. I have to decided to archive all the designs I could get from Thingiverse. There were several that were unobtainable due to "Something went wrong." errors and I was not able to get the url of the zip file containing all the source files.

ATX PSU 24pin Bench / Lab Breakout board housing


This design is from XH-M229 ATX Breakout Board Base, and in case that ever disappears you can get it from
this link


I am going to make a few different examples of the designs that work well with the XH-M229


Here is what it looks like completely assembled


I have to locate some black-oxide 3mm * 6mm socket cap screws, the m3 * 6mm stainless button head don't quite match.


You can purchase the XH-M229 from Hardware for Hackers at the following link, Geekcreit® XH-M229 Power Supply Module ATX PCB