"Ender 3 Fuse" (TM) Project

Updated: 2020-10-30 You can purchase The Ender 3 Fuse (TM) here

Are you tired of destroying mainboards on your Ender 3? I know I am, it has happened twice in three years both times while printing. Since the motherboard would not power up at all.

Logic dictates that it was obviously some component on the PCB that was input 24V and produced logic level voltages needed to power up the system.

I often wondered why there were no fuses and since I lost my Tevo Little Monster because Tevo did not believe in fuses either I have always been conscious of the fact that // Creality does not either. //

I am not really criticizing Creality for that design decision, and make no complaint because they sell amazing products that are an excellent value for the price.

After all this preamble it would be a good idea to show you the Amazing! Ender 3 Fuse (TM) The Prototype

You will need the below parts.


1. Male XT-60 connector
2. Female XT-60 connector
3. Length of 12AWG black wire stranded
4. Automotive Blade Fuse Holder (with 12AWG wiring)
5. Small black heat shrink 4MM
6. Large black heat shrink 8MM
7. 15A Blade Fuse


You should tin the socket cups on both the male and female before you try to assemble the wiring harness. You should also tin the leads on the fuse holder and on the length of black 12AWG wire.
Make sure they are twisted tightly before you tin them so they will fit into the solder cup of the XT-60 connectors.


Slide one of the short small pieces of shrink tubing onto the positive (red) wire of one side of the fuse holder to the square side of the XT-60 connector. Then slide another short small piece of heat shrink tubing onto the black wire and then solder that onto the rounded side of the XT-60 connector.

Repeat this for both sides making sure the positive wire is always soldered to the square side of the XT-60 connector. I know I said that more than once but it's rather important.

Once you finish soldering let the connectors cool then slide the small shrink tubing over the exposed connectors, then shrink them in place carefully.

REMINDER: You need to keep the heat shrink away from the soldering iron tip

Once you have done that then slide the short piece of 8MM Large shrink tubing over the end of the XT-60 connector leaving the business end of the connector exposed so that they may interconnect with the other connectors on the Ender 3 24V line (coming from the power supply to the mainboard.)


2020-09-26 Well I am having 100-PCS manufactured for me and I am going to try and sell them. The cost factors are materials, labor, shipping and now the bloody 25% import duty. The manufacturing run is almost finished but due to an upcoming holiday there will be a delay in shipping them to me.

The overall length is about 10CM, I thought the shorter the better since we are inserting it between the power supply and the mainboard power cable which was already a bit too long. I will include a 20A fuse as well.

I will market it not only as the "Ender 3 Fuse" but also as a generic "XT-60 In-Line Fuse" (TM) product. I designed it so that it would only handle maximum of 30A this was to keep costs down and also because the device would normally have 20A fuse installed for the Ender 3 Power Supply.

2020-10-20 I forgot to show the actual product images which will be arriving soon. Here are a few pictures of the actual product I created. You can purchase The Ender 3 Fuse (TM) here