Ender 3

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I recently purchase (2) used Ender 3 basic model printers on eBay, one arrived in good condition, while the other thanks to a ridiculously poor packing job and not using the original packaging and shipped fully-assembled. It was terrible. I am still waiting for FedEx to show up to get that pile of destroyed junk. I should name the seller from eBay it's one of those big vendors that must be a pawn shop because they seem to sell anything. Anyway, that is not the story!

There have been some changes in the basic plastic extruder plate that adds a tensioner screw to the extruder, must like the metal "upgraded" versions do. All this is best explained by a few pictures to demonstrate what I am talking about.

The below is the original Ender 3 / CR-10 plastic extruder base plate.


The next images show the difference but in case you need the information clearly laid out, they have added a tensioning screw. It looks like a reinforced threaded insert is installed in the base plate then in conjunction with that there is a spring "insert" that seems to be installed within the spring.

The insert has a flange at one end and holds the compressed spring. The insert is threaded of course, and the screw is a 3MM stainless Button Head about 20mm long (guessing, did not disassemble.)


I have not yet had the chance to disassemble the spring from the extruder and look at the "insert" that appears to be inside the spring. I don't have a spare base plate to examine yet either. As you can see the screw is stainless button head socket looks to be approx 20mm length. The "insert" has a flange to hold the spring and is obviously threaded so we can call it the "spring nut" perhaps…


I feel cut off from information because I don't read Chinese. When did they change the extruder plate? I checked the firmware on the two Ender 3 I found this on and they both were at 1.1.6 if that is any clue. I will try to locate more details from my contacts in Creality. (The ones I purchase parts from :/ )

*Updated* If you want to purchase the V2 extruder kit, see Plastic Extruder V2 Kit

2020-09-02 I forgot I had these, I got these documents from my contact in Creality. Enjoy!
(click to view full-sized images.)


2020-09-04 I have been doing some research to source Creality 42-40 stepper motors directly from the manufacturer (which is not Creality 3D but always wanted to see if I could get them albeit without the official Creality stickers on the side.) I have also located more information about the Creality 42-34 stepper motors from the same source.

2020-10-15 I was able to finally locate the complete Ender 3 / Ender 3 Pro fasteners pack, with 197 pieces of hardware. This is the complete set of all screws, nuts and washers that are used to build the Ender 3 / Ender 3 Pro 3D Printers. I want to say Thanks! to Creality 3D for helping me succeed. If you want to purchase this exclusive and comprehensive set of hardware please see Creality Ender 3 / Ender 3 Pro 197-PCS Screw & Fastener Pack - I occasionally will sell some on eBay as well.

If you look at Ender-3-Hardware-Fasteners the contents you will see that this really is a complete set of all hardware used to build an Ender 3 / Ender 3 Pro. This set even includes all the set screws for the GT20 pulleys, for (2) brass extruder gears, and the T8 8MM Brass Nut! The complete bag full of hardware weighs 15-ounces! I think it is a must have if you are serious about keeping your Ender 3 in production.


I forgot to mention that I have produced the first 100-pieces of "The Ender 3 Fuse" (TM) and they are for sale here The Ender 3 Fuse (tm) You can see some background on the prototype here Ender 3 Fuse Project However the actual product is much nicer than my original prototype as you might expect.

2020-11-06 Someone used one of my "upgraded" 60CM display cables on an Ender 5 and they say their display malfunctions when using the cable. I have tested these cables on Ender 3 / Ender 3 Pro as recently as tonight when the customer contacted me to tell me my 60CM cables do not work. I picked a random cable from the bin and tested it thusly (see image)


I have not tested the 60CM cable on an Ender 5 but I do know I have sold a few of these cables without complaints.

In a past life when I was a real engineer I noted similar issues when a cable needed to be shielded from RFI. I would love to produce a shielded version with some kind of armored sheath as well.

The customer also said that when they switch back to the original cable there are no problems with the display malfunctioning.

I asked the customer to test something by wrapping the 60CM cable in aluminum foil and see if the malfunction went away.

That improvised shielding is not as effective as really grounding a mesh metal sheath to the actual signal or frame ground.

It would be terrible to note that on an Ender 5 ONLY there is some kind of resonance between the 60CM cable length and some RFI being produced and induced into resonance.

Don't ask me to explain the electronics here just trust that stupid resonance issues can happen. All of that is purely speculative and far fetched at best.

If I hear about the results of the test mentioned above I will update this.

This is the first notice of any sort of possible problem with my 60CM Display cables and is still unconfirmed. I can confirm however these cables work fine on an Ender 3 Pro (and in several other tests months ago on an Ender 3.)

I have not tested them on a CR-10 but they will work fine on them as many customers have informed me.

I have not tested them on an Ender 5. I do know the cables are configured to work on all of the above models as the pin-specifications are the same. Do not purchase this cable for an Ender 5 until I know more.

2020-11-08 I was doing some measurements on the standard eccentric spacer used in Creality CR-10 and Ender 3 and Ender 5 printers. I measured Point A to Point B at 2MM, Point A to Point C at 10.5MM, Point B to Point C as 8MM. The width of the eccentric spacer where you attach a wrench is 10MM. The bore is 5MM.


I was trying to find a new supplier and when I was confronted with a varied list of sizes realized I'd never really measured them before, Other than knowing the bore was 5MM and that I needed a 10MM wrench to adjust them and took the rest for granted.

I was running low on them as I recently sold a few. This is not an item that you replace often and usually is purchased when one gets lost. Perhaps when disassembling to move the printer or when it is shipped. I am very good at losing M2 scews and set screws myself., So now you know the dimensions of the Creality Eccentric Spacer if you ever need any please buy them from Hardware for Hackers, I always have about 300 of them at any given time.

2020-11-12 I learned today that Creality is shipping the X-Axis E-Axis cable with a protective sheath now. I will try to add a picture of it soon, but otherwise it is the same cable. I guess we can call that "V2" version.

2020-11-17 I found a great design for 4040 End Caps so I thought I would share the link. I printed with 100% infill and using PETG. There are three versions of the end cap included, one basic, plain version, a Pacman version, and a version with a small Ender 3 depicted.


Visit Thingiverse and get 4040 aluminium profile cap for Ender 3 (Pro), tight fit

I also saved a copy here in case it ever disappears. See 4040+aluminium+profile+cap+for+Ender+3+(Pro),+tight+fit.zip for an archived copy.

I also found a great 2020 End Cap design at Thingiverse. See See 2020 Extrusion End Cap by wsolstice69


I kept an archived copy in case it ever disappears. See 2020 Extrusion End Cap

I noticed that they were a bit loose so you may wish to scale them up in some miniscule amount. They work great with 1.07 scaling.

2020-11-28 Creality has a new Black Metal Extruder Kit available, it is pretty interesting. They have eliminated the need for a pneumatic fitting and have added a tensioner to the lever and body. The new extruder is made from aluminum alloy and finished in a nice-looking black.

We have some of the new extruder kits on order, please see New Black Metal Extruder Kit from Hardware for Hackers.


2020-12-03 I was occupied the last few days with something interesting to build.

I found it on Thingiverse, a very nicely designed model of the US Space Shuttle with the main fuel tank and SRB. That is located at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:10228 Space Shuttle on launch pad When fullly-assembled the tank and sRB are permanently mounted to the orbiter.


Ostensibly this all mounted on a launch pad which I did not build. I am still skeptical of that, I would prefer nothing except a piece of wire and a flat base which will beforthcoming soon.

I am also working on a decal set and not sure if I will be using it. I will include a picture of that beginning effort too. Once I have everything glued individually I will have to work on using model putty to fill in some gaps and then sanding everything. I have some gaps in the delta wings and in the main fuel tank.

It is great to remind yourself once in awhile why you found working with 3D printed objects so interesting. Between the ability to design useful things from scratch using even the most basic tools like Tinkercad, etc. I am having a lot of fun working on this model. Things have been rather grim lately and working on this model has helped lighten the days.


You can read more about my version of this model https://www.thingiverse.com/make:872593 and see a few more pictures.


I am pleased to announce that we now have the latest extruder design from Creality, this is backwards compatible to older Ender 3 and CR-10 series printers. It is an interesting design and it's main innovation seems to be the fact that you no longer need PC4-M6 fittings at the extruder mechanism…You can read my quick and dirty review of the new extruder design.


I believe I am the only source in North America at the time of this writing and if you'd like to have one, you can purchase them from my store at Exclusive! Creality 3D Ender 3 & CR-10 Series NEW DESIGN! Black Metal Extruder Kit.

This new extruder design is yet to be proven, at least not yet in my lab but I am sure the usual engineering expertise and quality from Creality will make this a great improvement. I have a limited quantity of these new black metal extruder kits and I am loath to install it on one of my own printers. I am somewhat of a Luddite when it comes to things that work. I am still working with the original design plastic extruders because they work great until they break. I have plenty of spare parts too (that is supposed to be a bit of ironic humor.)

Youc an see the component parts at the link above and if you have any questions see the store "Contact" link to reach me.

Updated Information on CR-10 V2 and Ender 3 V2 Plastic Extruder Kits

I have just obtained a limited quantiy of the complete Ender 3 and CR-10 "V2 Plastic Extruder" as a reminder these have the built-in tensioning upgrade. You can get them at Creality 3D® V2 Plastic Extruder Complete Kit CR-10 (all) Ender 3 (all) You can get more details at Hardware For Hackers

2021-02-08 I purchase a lot of parts from Creality now and today while I was packaging up a blower fan for Creality Ender 3 I noticed that it has a new part number.


Instead of the normal PB04010MS4 the new part number seems to be "EFS-04024L" but the two part numbers are identical. I am looking at both now as I type this.