Creality 3D® Black (and Red) NEW DESIGN! Metal Extruder Review & Installation

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There appears to now be a red version of the new design extruder. I am trying to order some and will update this review. Honestly either Red or Black the information is completely the same. Updated 2021-01-30 We have a shipment of the cool new Red Extruder coming in shortly. You can order it at Hardware For Hackers Creality 3D® Ender 3, Ender 5 & CR-10 NEW DESIGN! Red Metal Extruder Kit


The new metal extruder design from Creality 3D® is exciting and represents a innovative approach by eliminating the need for external fittings. This also improves reliability with less moving parts. It also helps to improve reliability when you simplify.

You no longer need to use a PC4-M6 fitting at the extruder end as Creality has incorporated a a pressure fitting into the extruder base itself. You do however introduce an ongoing need to replace the collet clamp and the quick-release (both are plastic parts) but a lot less expensive than the full PC4-M6 fitting

Another benefit of the new design is that filament should now be easier to feed into the extruder assembly. I can confirm that to be true on initial testing.

The internal chamber where the filament is fed through what normally would have been the threaded part of the PC4-M6 as it fit into the extrusion base always created a lip that the filament would get stuck on while trying to push it through.

There is also a lip where the filament could get caught while feeding near the exit of the PC4-M6 where the nylon part of the fitting is inserted into the throat of the MC4-M6. Dee the image below to illustrate the problem.


As you can see from the image on the left, the filament can catch in several places. However the new design, on the right presents a seamless path through the extrusion base and out to the hot end. Creality's new design eliminates this headache and allows you to smoothly feed in new filament without a lot of problems.

One of the now standard features of all Creality metal extruder designs is the tensioner. The tensioner can really help extend the life of your extruder spring.


Unlike the original design (acrylic parts) whose extruder spring must be changed as soon as it becomes weaker (or perhaps insert those awful shims we used to use.)

The simple yet genius use of a blind rivet nut to compress the extruder spring and the flange keeps the spring stable while under pressure.

Now because we have a built-in tensioner, we can simply adjust the tensioning screw and use that extruder spring just a bit longer!

You may wish to start keeping some extra plastic clips because the new design simply won't work without them as the PTFE tube will simply pop out unless you have the clip attached where the PTFE tube fits into the new metal extruder.

The kit includes everything you need to retrofit your older Creality Ender or CR-10 series with this improved version.

Although there are no instructions included assembly is straightforward. Even if you have never installed an upgrade to your extruder before with the use of the pictures and by studying your old extruder you can quickly determine how to put the parts together.


The parts list includes the following:

Extrusion Clamp (Lever)
Quick-Release Claw
Extrusion Pin (Pivot Point Insert)
Blind Rivet Nut
Hex Socket Head Screw
Hex Socket Head Screw
Extrusion Gear (with 2 setscrews)
Line Claw (PTFE Tubine Clamp)
Extruder Spring
Stainless Steel Lockwasher
Socket Cap Screw (flat, countersunk)
Button Head Screw (socket cap)

You can refer to the picture above which illustrates the parts list.)

What makes this new extruder kit so valuable for those who don't have any of the hardware that attached the stepper motor to the mounting bracket, this kit includes everything!

Creality is improving their packaging so you should receive the new extruder in a nice sealed package that is quite sturdy and should hold up to serioys abuse.


The installatio prcedure is straightforward and is easy. This is what we stated with. We used an Ender 3 V1 approximately 2-years old.


1. Remove the filament from your existing extruder feed mechanism. Remove the old extruder feed assembly. You may wish to keep all the parts from your old extruder for use later.
2. Remove the extruder assembly and stepper motor. Remove the lever, then remove the extruder spring, then remove the brass gear. You can next remove the extruder base by removing the three screws holding the stepper motor to the bracket.


Gently place the stepper motor aside.

Now you are ready to install the new parts.

3. Simply reverse the above procedure taking care to tighten every screw fully once the stepper motor is re-attached to the bracket. Then attach the brass gear. You will notice it is exactly the same as your old brass gear. The setscrews should already be installed in the new brass gear as received from Creality.
Then install the lever (assemble the bearing, the lock washer and the hex head scew) onto the new extrusion base.

Then place the blind rivet nut into one end of the extruder spring and slide that end into the extrusion base. Thread the adjustment screw into the extrusion base, thenfurther into the extruder spring at the point where the blind rivet nut sits. Tighten your tensioner screw just enough to insure a secure fit into the blind rivet nut.


4. Adjust the filament tensioner so that you are not over tightening the physical connection between the filament and the brass gear and the bearing. I adjusted the tension until the tensioner screw was barely compressing the spring. This seemed to make the most sense. I will have to observe it closely as I print more objects to see if the recommendation holds. You should run some test prints to check your extruder feed to make sure you are again printing without problems. At this point the installation is finished.


I have a few additional comments. The entire installation process took about 20-minutes. I have only printed a few objects so far, the longest was about 2-hours and so it is still to be determined how reliable the design may be. Like everything Creality releases I am confident it will be of the highest reliability.

I had only one small complaint about the packaging of the new metal extruder kit.

The extrusion base and lever were in individual parts bags which was great as it keeps the alumunum finish in good condition.

ALL of the other parts were lying loose in the package instead of also being placed into a small plastic bag. Please place them into their own bag and this will help prevent people from losing parts but also helps to keep everything well organized. That is the extent of my "complaints" about anything.

I give the new extruder design an A+ for both design and implementation. The quality control is excellent. I do note however people better keep a lot of collet clamps as spares because the new design requires a good mechanical connection of the PTFE tube, the collet clamp and the built-in extrusion base assembly.

Hurray Creality 3D® this new extruder design rocks!

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