Creality 3D® 42-40 Stepper Motors

Here is what my research has determined so far. The company that manufactures the Creality 3D® 42-40 is JKong Motor Changzhou JKong Motor Company, Ltd. You can visit their company web site at

1.8° 42mm High Torque Hybrid Stepper Motor

The general specifications for this series of motor from JKONG

Genaral Specification:

  • Step Accuracy - ±5%
  • Resistance Accuracy - ±10%
  • Inductance Accuracy - ±20%
  • Temperature Rise - 80°C MAX.
  • Ambient Temperature Range - -20°C~ +50°C
  • Storage Temperature Range - -30°C~ +60°C
  • Insulation Resistance - 100M Ω MIN. 500V DC
  • Dielectric Strength - 500V AC 1min
  • Radial Play - 0.02mm MAX. (450g Load)
  • End Play - 0.08mm MAX. (450g Load)
  • Max. radial force - 28N
  • Max. axial force - 10N

As you can see if you look closely it is our well-known Creality 3D® 42-40 Stepper Motor in every detail except one, the Creality 3D Label.

Here is the basic schematic, it will help you some day if you need to attach standard (non-Creality) cables andneed to match colors.
Here is an engineering drawing from JK Motor Co. All dimensions are in millimeters. You can click on it to get the full sized version.

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