Community Radio Project


It is almost 0100 Rocky Mountain Time here and I just enjoyed our noche buena meal and watched some fireworks via YouTube. That is as close as I want to be to those sorts of gatherings.


I just had an important shipment via UPS "returned to sender" for some BS reason. I detest living where I do. UPS (where I live) is the worst.

I put too much fuel in the generator earlier. I have been trying to run it empty but is certainly taking too long to do so. I don't wish to plug in some loads and I don't wish to try and drain the tank into a container. It could take forever because the damned generator fuel consumption is so frugal. Yeah, it is ridiculous.


It's that time of year. I am eating a lot more food than usual and I know I have gained some weight. I cannot exercise so any increase in intake is going to have consequences. I am going to have to go on a diet soon. I am listening to Jethro Tull right now and the furnace is running often so it's pretty cold outside here in the higher elevations. The place where I live now offers every modern convenience so I am spoiled and now getting "soft". I suppose being an invalid as I am nowadays gives me a convenient excuse. It is still very bad. The world is going to hell in a hand basket and now is not the time to be taking like 40-pills a day. Tyler Durden quotes aside, the dark days are approaching rapidly in my opinion. They won't choose sovereign default so it will be inflation. Once interest rates swing back to zero percent the rails will be greased and the runaway train is heading for the wreck somewhere ahead. No one plans to get sick or old when considering survival.

On a more positive note I am still selling stuff on eBay although the volume of sales have dropped to almost nothing. It used about $1k a month which was really great but it's barely $300 per month right now. That is pitiful.

Anyway I have been ordering large quantities of 1802 CPU and I also sell those on eBay. The Chinese vendors I have been sourcing them from love to rip me off and throw in about 20% of actual RCA CDP1802ACE which are at least 40-years old. They seem to sell well on eBay, I guess people (hardware hackers) like to own a piece of history that can still perform well so long after it was made.

My last thoughts for today are that a red dot scope can also be considered an augmenting device for those with impaired vision like me. Just keep it centered on the moving target. As they once said somewhere circa 1770s "No King but Jesus!" and of course "Live Free or Die!"


I had to purchase a 50-foot extension cord, only a 12AWG cord. I have so many cords and splitters but they are all packed away and I am unable to search for them due to poor health. Someday I can unpack all that stuff. I also found a good deal on surge-protected outdoor power strips. They are six-outlet models. I cringed when I looked at the prices.


I started the EU3200i today. It started on the first pull. It coughed a bit then settled down into a smooth steady sounding exhaust. I let it run for about 30-minutes. It was a bit louder than the smaller units I have used in the past but this is the largest Honda generator I have owned. I should have expected it to be louder, indeed. I an currently living at over 6k feet in elevation so this is proof it works well at higher altitude.


I got these useful items for the generator. They were made in USA by a small company. The tube will help me dump the oil and the dipstick has fill lines to let you know how much oil to add (of course.) I made these images at my desk and had to cover some of the desk so if the background looks odd then you know I had to cover some areas.


I also ordered some funnels to add to my collection with the two most recent funnels having the advantage of being within reach now. All of my other funnels are packed away in some unknown moving box. I am certain I own at least 6 of them now.


I am now much weaker than before. When I pick up the eu3200i generator which is only about 60-lbs I realize just how weak I have become. The other problem I may see is the pull start. I may not be strong enough. So much is different now.

I have ordered a special tool to fill or drain the crankcase oil and despite owning 5 or 6 funnels I have no idea where they are other that they are packed away in some box in the garage. I also can't find any of my longer extension cords. Same situation. I am going to order new extension cords. I am not well enough to search for anything (in all those boxes.) The "tool" is just a threaded tube to get the fill point away from the engine body. The crankcase holds about 15-OZ of oil. Since this is the first oil I will change it after 25-hours. I am sure it will take me awhile to accumulate so many hours unless we have another lengthy power outage soon. Where I live it is simply a matter of time before there is another multi-day outage.

I have a 5-gallon container full of 6-year old gasoline. I have to dump that but since the car has the anti-theft siphon trap in the filler tube and since the nozzle on the gas container is not designed for that I am going to have to think of something else. I suppose the best thing to do is buy another container and then get it filled. If I were at the observatory I would just make a huge bonfire with all the scrub I'd cut.

This generator is just to keep the refrigerator and a chest freezer cold. I lost a lot of food last summer. I am not going to let that happen again. It is already cold outside so I don't need to worry that much until next spring and summer. I have to get it running soon so it will be ready when needed. So much has become difficult for me. Good health is really a blessing. I wonder how many people who were once prepared for anything are now entirely dependent.

I need a rack-mounted 5V power supply. Before I lost my eyesight such could be easily built. Off the top of my head the parts are a blank rack mounted chassis, probably 1U. Then a small 5V power supply, at least 20A. Then a combination chassis mounted power socket (fused.) 1 Chassis mounted terminal strip that extends the +5V to terminal lugs. Then 4 (in my case) USB cables to attach to some raspberry pi. Right now I have (4) rack-mounted Raspberry Pi 4 / 8gb units with four annoying power supplies, aka "wall warts" …Anyway I have no hope of building things like this any longer.
I only use (1) unit to stream music to the mixer which is fed to the transmitter audio input.

As it turned out I did not get the first generator. I bought it on eBay but the seller was some kind of scam artist. He never shipped the item. eBay took a long rime in resolving this for me. I finally bought a different model (EU3200i) with 3.2kw rating. It weighs 60LBS dry weight. Since the inflation is robbing a lot of value from dollars, owning tangible assets like this make the best approach.