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Today I stored 30LBS of medium-grain white rice. I split it into 5LB mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. Until recently I always used a regular household iron to seal the mylar bags but today I used a new 16" bag sealer. IMHO it does not get hot enough but I seal it multiple times in multiple places and so far it seems to be sealing. I am somewhat skeptical about this new tool. I have also continued to buy Augason Farms #10 cans of food. I buy the powdered eggs and the milk. I also buy a lot of their potatoes vegetable stew, and butter powder.

I scheduled my partner for her CCL class later this month. I assume she will take the test shortly afterwards. That has been expensive paying for her training and her ammo. She practices in an indoor range in the city with a shooting instructor for 2-3 hours a week. She shoots a lot of ammo (and targets) considering she is using a revolver. It is usually 150-200 rounds each session. Since I also financed her weapon purchase (new) this is going to add up. I am not allowed to train her so I had to hire someone to do it. If I had been the one teaching her she might not have enjoyed it.

Fortunately she will be finished soon and I can stop spending so much money. I will never regret doing this and it is my gift to someone who is special to me. Plus I gained a bodyguard!

My backpack did not sell so I lowered the price. I would like to get what it is worth but that seems to be too steep for people on eBay. They should buy one from Tactical Tailor with all the options I include and they will pay a great deal more than what I list it for.

I am continuing to stock up on canned food. Now that the Saudi petrodollar agreement has expired we should expect a slowly worsening economic situation as the dollar will continue to devolve from reserve currency status.

We are really going to see some interesting times in the US and the EU. I keep reading about how Americans standard of living dropping which makes perfect sense as their artificially high living standards were always due to the dollar's reserve currency status and massive debts and trade imbalances. As the dollars influence wanes we may expect things to get worse.

I know that sounds very pessimistic. I have thought about it a lot and I have found it to be the more realistic projection.

Since I am no expert I am not going to offer anything further, leaving such to those who are experts to explain.

Hold On! The ride is going to get bumpy and not everyone has a seat belt…


We just had an hour long power outage, I almost got the generator set up to power the refrigerator and freezer. Every time this happens I have to shut down everything and unplug equipment and reverse the process when it comes back on. I almost had a nice nap.

We are so isolated in this remote location. Alamo Navajo Reservation. We have to be prepared as the fresh water system also dies when there is no power to the pumps. I fill up buckets with water to flush toilets.

I keep a lot of drinking water on hand as well.

If this had been a longer-lasting outage I would not post so soon. I have three battery backup systems but I have limited run time since I don't have large batteries.


My significant other is in the city today attending some shooting training and practice on an indoor range. She gets 2-hours each weekend and will be taking the CCL exam soon. Like within 2 weeks hopefully. I really need a bodyguard, heh!

All joking aside, I feel all females should carry guns. My justifications increase in weight as time passes and the crime and violence grows increasingly worse. Due to my health I may not be able to defend against a threat. She will be able to take care of herself. Every man should encourage his woman to get trained and to get tough. I don't need to belabor the current situation facing our country. "…from sea to shining sea…"

We are so screwed.

I am tired of paying for defective O2 absorbers. I just deleted a 2-paragraph rant about quality control because it made me seem unhinged.

I recently bought some desiccant too. I intend to use it to protect some medical instruments that I will seal into a Mylar bag. I just want there to be zero moisture so they will remain rust free no matter what. There are many uses ranging from storing ammunition and weapons in sealed enclosures for long-term storage in humid environments. If you use sealed ammo cans for tools keep some dessicant in there and your tools won't rust. Use the kind of desiccant you can re-use after baking it. In can be recycled that way indefinitely.

I finally watched that movie "Civil War" last night. It was lame. More poorly written Hollywood drivel. There was nothing redeeming about it. Nothing. Today is the last day in May and June is here. I wonder what the next 6-months will bring?

I was able to verify that the O2 absorbers I got from Amazon (400cc) were bad. I may list the vendor to avoid there. I was forced to repack(5) 5LB bags of beans.

I was able to get 10-more Ni-MH D-Cells today. I need to get 10-more of those for about a total of 30 cells with 18 in use now. The D-Cell charger I obtained has an issue. It gets stuck in some error condition and you have to remove the power after charging one set. Otherwise it stays non-operative. I assume the code has some bad bug that won't reset the charger at the end of the cycle. I need to locate a high power unit and not those lame USB-powered D-Cell charger. It looks like the only manufacturers are ONLY producing those. They are too low current I need a charger that has more power. The search continues. My only hope is to find a used one, or something that is old stock. The idea of using such a low current charger is ludicrous. It looks like no one in the US manufactures a decent charger any longer. Only China.


I am listening to Dr. Ron Paul's speech at the 2024 Libertarian Convention. I really wish we had elected him President way back when. I recommend listening to this speech. He did a great job bringing the truth. He is getting very old.


I am selling my Tactical Tailor Malice Version 3 backpack on eBay. It has all the upgrades, comes with the frame and a hydration bladder. As I have mentioned previously I will no longer be camping, hiking nor bugging out. I also have better uses for the money., assuming it gets sold. It is quite expensive. I am getting rid of everything I can no longer use. See Tactical Tailor MALICE Pack Version 3 w/Frame, Ruck Carrier, Hydration Bladder if you are looking for the best backpack.


I finished storing the last 20LBS of the pinto beans but it looks like a couple of the bags didn't turn out right. I personally think it is poor quality oxygen absorbers. I am going to repackage them later on. It is most annoying. The total from last week with this is 60LBS. Every bit of it means progress even if it is not that much.


Lately I have been buying more rechargeable D-Cells and I had a few flashlights with LED that used D-Cells. They are not as good as my headlights but still useful during power outages. I need to order some more soon as I have already used eight of them. I can always find ways to recharge all my different types of battery as I have a lot of options to generate power even from portable solar panels to running chargers from generator power.


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Honestly this has very little to do with Community Radio or LPFM. It could be full of stuff about friends running Pirate Radio but op-sec forces me to keep quiet. I doubt that anyone is reading this anyway.