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I never leave my home here in a very remote part of New Mexico except to travel the 300-mile round trip to Albuquerque which is where all my medical appointments are. I used to drive all over New Mexico until I got sick. I miss the freedom I used to take for granted. Now that I am too blind to drive I feel I am imprisoned. Some day when I live in the city I plan to take advantage of mass transit and other amenities that will allow me to be more free. With the inflation and utter non-affordability of every thing, perhaps I would not be so free after all. Everything has changed.

The downfall of the US was planned and executed by a fifth-column who were allowed to operate in plain sight. I wish people in the US wake up before it is too late. It may already be to late.

Every day the news gets worse and worse. People want to turn it off and hide in their little bubbles of normality which will at first be slowly popped and then then more rapidly be burst one by one as reality spreads like the inevitable infection caused by an untended wound in the body. Many people see this and react in predictable fashion by gathering things they need to survive and try to plan for when it becomes an open battle.

Those people are no longer the nutjobs and racists. There is no use in looking backwards, we have to face the immediate future if we are going to survive.

NOTE: I wrote a lot more but deleted it as it was pointless. I don't need to be the nail sticking up any more. "How lame!!!"

If we adhere to the rules of civilization while the forces of darkness are tearing down civilization we will become extinct! You must become at once both utterly ruthless and humble. You must always act from the moral high ground. Keep praying for wisdom and mercy, It is what we must do in order to survive.

I am reflecting on how much American cities have degraded. They say Denver is now pretty bad. I have not been there in a long time but according to some people on Youtube who have produced video on the blight seem credible. I only mentioned Denver but I live in New Mexico and according to many is the worst state! The same disease that has inflicted and blighted ALL of large California cities. Well let's also say ALL of major US cities. What is happening to America? It appears America's cities are disintegrating. Let's see how long this country lasts. I can see no optimistic future. It was an inside job. Long Live America! Amerika!
I have purchased a really useful Z80l CPU tester from eBay. I got a few hundred Z80 CPU and will sell them retail eking out a few extra dollars and since I am almost blind I wanted something like the tester for 1802 I have. This unit is much smaller. It is a very simple design and very well-made. I recommend mounting it on a piece of acrylic using 4-standoffs.
This image was copied from the current eBay listing. I might create an image of my own later. I am not up to do it now. I needed a test device for the Z80 because I want to sell Z80 CPU on eBay. I test each CPU I get so I have confidence in selling that CPU.

Item description from the seller

You are watching my Z80 simple CPU tester. This is a small circuit that is able to test a Z80 CPU and 40 pins compatible Z80 CPUs.
The principle is really basic - the circuit has a very slow clock (less than 30Hz), and will execute the instruction NOP continuosly.
NOP essentially waits 4 clock cycles and goes to the next address. Attaching a LED bar to the first 8 bits of the address bus,
it will flash according to the current address. There is a RESET button to restart the test.
The circuit is powered by a mini USB cable (not provided).
I tested the circuit with Zilog Z80, Mostek MK3880, SGS Z8400, NEC uPD780, Sharp LH0080 etc. (now you know that I collect CPUs)
Z80 is one of the most used 8 bit CPUs ever. I have dozens of devices that use it - Several Sinclair computers (ZX Spectrum plus/+2/+3, ZX81), Timex 2048 and 2068,
Sequential Circuits Drumtraks drum machine, a Multi trak, and a couple of arcade consoles.
…and because I am a synthesizer enthusiast, a small list of synths that use Z80:
Sequential Circuits Drumtraks, Prophet 5, Prophet 10, Prophet 600, Multi trak, Moog Memorymoog, Roland Jupiter 8, Oberheim OB-8, E-mu Emulator I and II, SP-1200,
Drumulator, Linn LM-1, Linndrum, etc.

It is really odd that I began to update this page on Feb. 05 but somehow never wrote any thing.

There has been quite a lot going on since then.

The fight to survive economic conditions inside US has most people who were once considered middle class are become lower class despite holding two and sometimes three jobs.

The world has gone mad with regional wars that threaten to become global. There are several new sources of potential conflict like Taiwan. perhaps the Philippines. Let's not forgot the "informal" war on the Houthi fighters there.

The US must keep the Red Sea trade route open. As for the most serious war(s) currently Ukraine and Gaza. We all should pray that the killing stops. I read something chilling the other day about Ukrainian male soldiers are giving sperm samples so their widowed wives may still conceive a child from the now-dead soldier.

Do you know what annoys me is that now that SHTF is here I am both old *and* in very poor health. No one plans for growing old or getting sick. OK, maybe it was only foolish ME! Seriously though I am in my mid -sixties and I am not alone. According to some sources my generation is legion. I cannot defend my family very well now. I am now reliant on too many medicines so I will not survive in the long term. If you are reading this, the best survival scenario for old and sick people is to be part of a large family. You can quote me on this.

There is often little thought given for the situation where one has become old or sick. You cannot prepare for that, so my advice to younger people is be part of a large family. You could even build a "clan" organization that can protect the Elders. Younger people that can handle weapons as well as a hoe. I hope you have a couple of those in your farm implement stocks. Anyway…

Now that I am retired and I am on a fixed income I realize how hard it is to survive on less but also I am still fortunate to have that same income. So if everything falls apart in the US and there is no more monthly check from the US Federal government I should be on the same level playing field as everyone else. No one will have an income in most cases. Only tradespeople and those with livestock (large herds that can constantly be sold for meat. That is seasonal, too.) I know a bit about that and I know most ranchers rely on manufactured feed as their grazing lands are limited. In the west the land doesn't produce as much grazing fodder. That translates to smaller herds.

Farmers are going to have to revert to the old ways. Anyway I just realized I was going off on a tangent about SHTF but I am starting to think things are about to REALLY GET BAD. Oh, I was saying I was annoyed. I really am because just when everything is going south I am not able to cope. I am getting blinder every day (this screen is so Zoomed) and I can barely type. I cannot walk without a cane. I cannot walk very far even with that. I can't win a firefight if it came to shooting weapons except for short range engagements etc. I mean, how can someone survive what is coming when they are BLIND. That is just ONE of my problems so I will not be a survivor unless I am part of a large clan or family (too late for me.) I do have advice for younger people while things still function somewhat is to learn skills. Learn how to do everything with nothing. Take courses for medical knowledge, Take courses on blacksmithing, carpentry, animal husbandry. Choose any course that can help you to become an asset despite not having a lot of material things to survive you will become a valuable addition to any one's team.

Oh look how much the blind man typed today! I need to stop this dialogue now.

So how is the weather? Ah Hah it almost makes me laugh when I hear how they've turned weather into such a dramatic thing. Oh, not this topic either. Then what shall I talk about? … Nothing.


The corporate media are raging against the very mention of Donald Trump, it is ridiculous to see grown-ups behave so. The spread of Trump Derangement Syndrome is terrible to behold as otherwise reasonable people devolve into rabid sputtering creatures of hate. In a matter of weeks after the Trump election victory both BLM and ANTIFA will spring from the shadows, well-funded with their stocks of axe and pick handles stacked ahead of time.

It appears as if the wheels are coming off the very fabric of the united States. I lived through the early 70s and although there are many similar circumstances there is a much more grim undertone now.

From the killing fields of Ukraine to the bombed-out cities of the Gaza strip. I feel ashamed somehow in knowing what is going on but not able to do anything to help. I remember the Vietnam war and all the protests at the time as well as European protests against the Cold War and the threat of nuclear conflagration. I do not see that kind of commitment nowadays. We need to stop the killing. It is inhumane and destroys so much. How many more must die?

I wonder how long before war comes to the united States. It seems more and more to be possible given the situation in the country today. There is no more unity. What seems ironic in so many ways is that people can prepare for anything but are never prepared to be old and sick just when the world turns upside down.


I am so amazed that I have reached my age! I figured I'd DIE long before now. So this year will be devoted to counting all my blessings. In a practical sense any day above ground is a good day. Even if you are blind, ill, "old" and crippled. Entropy Sux.


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