BattleTech (or my favorite Mechs)

I have always been interested in this fictional universe, was engaged heavily as a mechwarrior in the nineties, battling online in a clan called "Death Jesters" which led me to becoming a decent Shadow Cat pilot. I have been ill for an extended period which led me to delve very deeply into 3-D printing. This is what I have printed so far, with the wonderful gift of these completely awesome designs from Thingiverse. This is my salute to those designers who have given us all such wonderful mechs.


From left to right, a Mad Cat Mk 2 (Assault), Daishi (Assault), Atlas (Assault), Catapult (Medium)


Atlas (Assault), Catapult (Medium), Shadow Cat (medium),Mad Cat MK 1 (Medium), Vulture (medium)


What this part of my lab looks like…The printers (3) have taken over most of my workspace now.,

Here are some of what I have been working on lately. I haven't really kept this updated but you can find it on Thingiverse just look for BlaaR's creations and then you will see a few of my builds of his wonderful designs.

The below tank is a Demolisher tank design by BlaaR as well. I don't remember whose design the Shadow Cat is but will find out and edit this comment soonest.


The below image is an Osiris I just finished a first coat of primer, needs a lot more work. This again was one of BlaaR's designs on Thingiverse.


Here is an Argus and a Schrek tank I built. Both are designed by BlaaR and can be located on Thingiverse (will add links later…)


This is a Novacat I built it in November 2019. Once again, another design from BlaaR and can be seen on Thingiverse (add links later.)


I made these Atlas in October. They are designed by BobertMax (and many others it seems) on Thingiverse (add Links later)