2016 08

Updated: 2016-08-01

I ordered an hour meter a few days ago. It is a 2" diameter panel-mount meter. I intend to build a small panel that can be bolted onto the engine somewhere. It was an interesting meter and was compatible with voltages from 6 to 80 Volts DC. I think it is a great meter It only draws about 25 MA and is designed to withstand vibration and shaking up to 8g. It is rated to work between 15 degrees to 132 degrees F.


It was relatively inexpensive considering "free" shipping, To be exact I ordered (2) of them. one from a US seller and one from China it cost $5 less for the same meter, It will become "spare parts" here. I prefer the mechanical style meter over something that has a cpu in it and can lose the hour reading if the built-in battery happens to die.

Updated: 2016-08-04

My starting battery for the Honda engine arrived DOA. It only read 9.75v when I got it and won't accept a charge. The vendor is trying to give me a hard time and is making me RMA it. I told them I just want my money back as I just bought another battery from a different vendor that doesn't sell garbage. I am also unhappy about losing time on the project. I was ready to get everything assembled.

It was indeed poorly packaged but I doubt if any handling could cause a gel cell battery to end up with shorted cells. They stuffed it in a USPS box that was too small and then stuck some styrofoam on top and an empty usps bubble shipping bag under the battery. They taped it all together and shipped it as cheaply as possible

I got the DOA battery from redacted vendor via Ebay. I ordered a new 26AH battery from a different company. The physical dimensions of the new battery are 6.57 in x 6.89 in x 5.04 in


Updated: 2016-08-08

I received the new starting battery and the hour meters today.

Updated: 2016-08-14

I had some time today so I drilled all the mounting holes for the DC Generator Basic Version using 24"x20" steel plate. I cut that down to 24"x14".

It forced me to realize that I needed some more heavy-duty cutting tools than I had available here. I need to look into that soon.

For now this is just a rough-fitting of all the parts and making sure that everything fits together.


I will have to disassemble it again to work on a few issues with the PMA mount (grind some of the corners into rounded corners.) I also need to locate longer bolts for the engine mount so that I can use rubber vibration washers. I also have to cut some jagged edge on the side of the base plate when one of the cutting wheels started deforming it botched the cut. I have to grind off any sharp edges and then start to primer and paint everything that is bare metal. .

I still have to devise some instrument panel where I can mount the hour meter and a 100A circuit breaker. I will also need to construct some terminal strip to hold the positive and negative connections from the PMA and where I will mount the external power output cables and connectors. I have some sheet aluminum but no longer own the sheet metal break.

I have the belt tensioned and it looks like it will have plenty of room for adjustment or slightly smaller or larger belts.

I am hoping it will start with that load on the engine.

Otherwise I will have to work on some idler arrangement to release the belt tension until the engine starts.

I decided to make a simple version of the generator now as i need to stop using the AC generator I made before and produce DC directly.

As you can see I tried to make everything fit as compactly as possible…

Updated: 2016-08-20


I have been drilling and filing and grinding the base plate for a few days and re-assembled everything today to test the fitting and alignment of the PMA pulley and the engine pulley so that the belt lined up properly. My additional cutting and slotting of the PMA mount helped me align the belt properly now.


I also ran out of cutting wheels last weekend (they wear out quickly when cutting this thick plate!) so I have not been able to clean up one jagged edge but I will when I have more cutting wheels. They are going to arrive soon hopefully. I still need to purchase or fabricate some rubber pads or washers for the engine mounting. I also ordered longer bolts for the engine mount to accommodate that rubber pad or washer.


I have to fabricate the PMA output cables but I am still trying to determine how I want to cable everything. I intend to put a 100A circuit breaker on the output of the PMA and possibly use a junction box with pigtail cables with high-current andersen power-pole connectors.

Updated: 2016-08-23

I was able to obtain enough 2" bolts and associated hardware with rubber washers to act as vibration dampers.


Updated: 2016-08-25

I had some free time today and managed to get the vibration dampers installed.