2015 06


I added more batteries today but ran out of cables. I have some more on order. I may need to reenforce the floor under the bed. The batteries weigh 80-pounds each. I had to scrounge all my extra cables. For some reason the 12" 2/0 cables I ordered today were much more expensive than the 18" cables I ordered.


When you live in a shack aka "cabin" you aren't afraid of doing just about anything to it including collapsing the flooring.


I moved the solar panels to a better position 80' from the old location. If I could move the shipping container it would be even better for the morning but that cannot happen.

This should give me an extra 2-3 hours of sun per day.


I am building a junction box that can handle high current so I can use that to join the (2) sets of 3 panels together on the end of the 80-foot run.

This junction box has to handle 60A coming from the panels and I am over-designing it so that some day I can add more capacity.

I already had the grey box in my spare parts the rest I have purchased.


The basic components I am using can be found anywhere.


We see an enclosure designed to be used outdoors and is (hopefully) waterproof. We see some waterproof cable glands. We see a giant terminal block. I used the heaviest components and wire that I could locate.


I have installed the waterproof cable gland connectors for the wiring coming from the (2) arrays of solar panels, the much larger single cable (gland) for the main cable running back to the charge controller.


I will use the ground cable to frame ground and earth ground running it back to the charge controller and the rest of the system. I will have one spare 6-GA conductor for future expansion.



I reattached all the wiring to the panel combiners and attached everything to the junction box.


I checked the charge controller and it's seeing 59A on a partly cloudy day so I am very pleased about getting this all completed.


Now I should still be able to produce power past 7PM daily during the summer because the location I moved the panels to sees sunlight earlier and later.

I am just going to leave the waterproof junction box sitting there between the panels for now. I am sure it will be fine.